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Debunking Vaccines That Cause Autism

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Posted on Mar 12, 2019

Dr. Andrew Wakefields has conducted a study that recently went viral about vaccines. The study had been published in the British Medical Journal and was trying to link Autism with certain vaccines that caused major panic from parents all over the world. The article made vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella freighting for parents. The data in the study caused parents to not want to vaccinate their children. Is there proof that vaccines actually cause Austin in Dr. Wakefields study?

Dr.Wakefields research study connected MMR vaccine to Austin. The study observed twelve children. Receiving of the proper ethical clearances did not take place during the study that had been conducted on the twelve children creating bias. Numerous accounts of bias created had been discovered during the publishing of the research article, causing it to be debunked and unethical.


The research study is being withdrew because of immoral issues found by researchers. Potentially, the study will be deemed unethical because of the bias that had been created from the research. There was no links indicating connections between the connecting of vaccines and autism, This is currently under investigation. Parts of the paper were incorrect causing fraud and bias. Scientist spent a large amount of time and data debunking the study that caused panic throughout the world.