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Exercise Timing Importance

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Posted on Jun 03, 2019

The time of day that you complete your workout could affect how much physical activity is contributing to the exercise. When conducting research it is important to take into account circadian rhythm. This connects the bodies metabolism to behavioral, physical, and mental changes. The circadian rhythm in your body can also be determined by solar time, indicating if its light or dark out. The circadian clock is important for the function of the bodies physiology functions and metabolism.

Gad Asher and Paolo Sassone-Corsi explored the research of how timing of a workout such as during the day affects the productivity of exercise. The experiments were on mice during the research project. The study confirmed that circadian rhythm plays a big role in the physical movement involved in the exercise. Since mice function at night, the researchers studied them inversely. This means instead of studying the mice during the day, the scientist spent most of the time observing them at night. Not following the time of the circadian clock that our body naturally uses.

The results of the experiments showed that the mice’s cell metabolism performed better in the evenings. The mice’s metabolic pathways were most active during the later stages of the day. The results showed that exercise benefited the mice most during the night compared to humans. Muscle tissue was one of the main focuses for the study. When studying exercise, the findings showed that exercise activates certain proteins in the body. The protein HIF-1a responds differently to the body during different times of the day.

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