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Medicare Requirements

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Posted on Aug 08, 2019

If your medical office accepts Medicare or Medicaid, you must follow FDR rules and regulations in order to remain in complete compliance. The FDR has requirements that practices must follow in order to avoid fines. FDR requires medical offices that accept either medicare or medicaid as a form of payment to provide training to employees. This encompasses the expectation that all people affiliated with the company take a Fraud, Waste and Abuse course offered by the employer within 90 days of hire. The employer is responsible for providing proof of course completion for each person. Additionally, employers must provide polices and procedures to each employee as well as conducting exclusion training.

What is FDR? FDR is comprised of the following entities; First Tier Entity, Downstream Entity, and Related Entity. A First Tier Entity is a company or party that has an agreement with a Medicare Advantage Organization. This includes any medical organization that provides Medicare services to individuals. A Downstream Entity is a company that has an agreement with a First Tier Entity that provides services for Medicare beneficiaries. Lastly, a Related Entity is a company or party that is related to, provides services for, or sells materials to a Medicare organization. If your company meets any of this criteria, you must fullfill the FDR regulations to remain compliant.

American Medical Compliance offers the mandated FDR trainings including Fraud Waste and Abuse. We also offer 200+ trainings that cover all of your HIPAA, OSHA, and Human Resource needs. All of our courses meet state and federal requirements.

To learn more about the FDR requirements that your medical practice must follow, click the link below.