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Health and Safety Within Your Business

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Posted on Mar 07, 2019


OSHA is an law that passed to protect American personnel from hazardous working conditions while following safety guidelines for businesses. Creation of policies and procedures help to ensure the safety of employees and take preventative measures. It is important that your business is effectively enforcing health and safety in the work place.

Penalties for not following rules and regulations set by OSHA standards include fines or other citations. You may also have a limited amount of time to appeal for the citation. The costs will accumulate if not paid, making it hard to get government contracts. This could affect your business negatively. https://smallbusiness.chron.com/osha-important-company-66421.html

Their are some ways to help prevent your business from being penalized because of  noncompliance with OSHA regulations. Maintenance of  equipment and tools should be ensured and make sure the appropriate protective equipment is available to employees. Make sure your company is providing the correct OSHA training, providing medical assistance, and leadership for employees enduring workplace injuries/illnesses.https://rmi-solutions.com/blog/osha-important-to-your-business/