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How Diet Can Affect Your Skin

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Posted on Jun 26, 2019

Did you know your diet can have major impacts on your skin? Getting proper nutrients and water is important to maintain healthy, glowing skin. There are many nutrients and ingredients in foods that can not only improve your health, but also your skin. Dr. Richard Torbeck is a board-certified dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology PC. Torbeck said that the scientific literature is lacking studies that show that they are absorbed in the skin enough to exert an effect in your skin.

“It is even trickier to say that they will exact skin changes with topical applications due to their inability to penetrate the top layers of the skin,” Torbeck explained. He also pointed out that there are some products that have unwanted side effects. An example of this is having a yellow skin tint from cumin.

Coffee is one thing we can look at, it is a diuretic, which can lead to dehydration and make your skin dry and thirsty. It is best to enjoy coffee in moderation and try to stay hydrated by drinking water as well.

Collagen powder is very popular right now, however, it is digested by your gastrointestinal system. Since collagen powder is digestible, this will make it hard for it to make it to your skin. Dark chocolate is one thing that can have a positive impact on your skin. It is 70% cacao which is a great source of antioxidants and has a protective role for the skin. One reason chocolate can make you break out is because of the dairy in it.

Lastly, It is important to understand what certain foods and products do to your body and where they are going to show a change. Some foods can cause breakouts and acne. Its important to ask your doctor questions if you are unsure about what foods affect your body differently. Click on the link to find out more myths about diet and skin.