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Sunscreen Linked to Blood Vessel Health

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Posted on May 08, 2019

With summer just around the corner, it is important to stay protected from the harmful ultraviolet radiation the sun can produce. Sunscreen does not only, help protect against sunburns but also, reduces your chances of skin cancer. A recent study has discovered links between sunscreen and the maintaining of blood vessel function.

The study takes a closer look at the relationship between blood vessels in the skin and ultraviolet radiation. The damage that happens to cells caused by the sun can have harmful consequences on the flow of blood. This is one of the reasons sunscreen is so important. It helps to support the performance of blood vessels that the skin needs to remain healthy.

Nitric oxide is very important in the vasodilation process. When the body goes through a temperature increases, it can cause a heat stress reaction. Vasodilation helps to maintain healthy body temperature so that blood can flow properly and maintain heat loss throughout the skin.

A group of scientists studied thirteen participants within the experiment ranging from a variety of skin tones. One of the participants arms had as much radiation as spending an hour in the sun. 3 kinds of tests were done to the participant’s arms. These tests included UVR alone, UVR plus sunscreen, and UVR plus sweat. The test showed that the person’s arm with sunscreen before been exposed to UVR had an increase in vasodilation.

Sunscreen is not only, important for protecting us against sunburns and skin cancer but also, helps with blood vessel function.  This research helps to get us one step closer to determining the benefits that sunscreen has to offer.