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New Training Offered by CDC

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Posted on Oct 21, 2019

The Center for Disease Control is offering new Infection Control Training. The program will feature the best ways to prevent infection in hospitals and other healthcare settings. It also has courses dedicated to outreach for families so that more people benefit from infection control.

The CDC has developed eight courses, each targeting a different method of infection control.  They are divided between Targeted Prevention Strategies and Foundational Infection Prevention Strategies. The targeted strategies will address urinary tract infections from catheters, MRSA, bloodstream infection, and C. difficile infection. The foundational strategies will address the basics of healthcare, such as hand hygiene and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Training offered by CDC.

The CDC has stressed all participants must display competency after the training.  They want the courses to “require healthcare personnel demonstrate competency following each training.” The courses are completely free on Training and Continuing Education Online, also called TCEO.

All of the courses but one have multiple modules. Participants must complete all modules to attain Continuing Education, otherwise known as CE. They must also complete the Evaluation and Posttest at 75%. All hospital staff can benefit from the training.

The courses are especially important because dangerous diseases are spreading in healthcare facilities.

To find out more about the courses the CDC is offering, click here: