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Nov 19 2019

Adakveo approved for Sickle Cell Disease

Those who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease could be getting a reprieve from some symptoms soon. The Food and Drug Administration approved crizanlizumab-tmca on Friday, November 15th. Around 100,000 people suffer from the disease, according to The Center for Disease …

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Nov 15 2019

HIPAA Laws and Compliance

A new report has come out with the rates of HIPAA noncompliance. The study from shows that 51% of providers are not completely in compliance with HIPAA’s Right of Access Law. Furthermore, Ciitizen conducted the study.
One of the …

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Nov 14 2019

New Zika Research Shows Patterns

Zika virus has been a huge scare lately, especially for pregnant women. Threats of the virus have made it impossible for some pregnant women to travel overseas. Fortunately, Goethe University in Germany has conducted a study tracking the prevalence …

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Nov 11 2019

Stark Law could be revised soon

The “Stark Law,” more formally known as the Physician Self-Referral Law, could be updated soon. The current law does not allow doctors to make referrals associated with Medicare anywhere they have a “financial relationship” with.
The Centers for Medicare …

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Nov 09 2019

Dengue Vaccine Being Developed

Dengue fever is one of the deadliest threats to human health. The World Health Organization says that they are close to finding a vaccine. Before now, there has never been a viable vaccine for dengue, and WHO says it …

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Nov 07 2019

CDC Infections Progress Report

The Center for Disease Control released the 2018 National and State Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Progress Report. The report shows the occurrences of diseases in healthcare settings. The settings the CDC monitors are acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation …

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Sep 25 2019

Overworked nurses provide less care

Better nurse-to-patient ratios have been a hot topic in healthcare for a long time now. As a result, about 6,500 nurses participated in a walkout in Florida, Arizona, California and Illinois. They are demanding a system in which patients …

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Sep 23 2019

Dental Tourism

According to the Congress Report, there are more than 40% Americans without dental insurance. The cost of dental care to many Americans is outrageous. Unfortunately, this leads to international dental tourism as a final solution. Many patients end up traveling …

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