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Sep 17 2021

A Just Culture Promotes Accountability and Patient Safety

Humans make mistakes and errors. These mistakes can be common in the healthcare setting because many events are complex or risky. In these situations, mistakes can lead to negative effects or even death. One common approach to solve this …

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Sep 13 2021

OSHA’s New Emergency Temporary Standard

As the coronavirus pandemic worsens, a new emergency temporary standard has been released by The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The standard provides new guidelines to protect healthcare workers from contracting COVID-19. Those who are …

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Sep 07 2021

Lack of Hospital Beds Due to COVID-19

Hospitals Are Experiencing Bed Shortages
The highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant has increased hospital visits greatly. The number of hospitalized patients due to the variant has reached over 100,000. This approaches record numbers of hospital beds filled. The increase …

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Sep 03 2021

The Push To Ban Cloth Masks

The use of cloth masks rose to popularity in the earliest stages of the pandemic; however, research shows cloth masks are less effective than medical masks. Due to the more transmissible COVID-19 variants emerging, such as delta, many …

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Aug 09 2021

New COVID-19 Variants Are Emerging

New COVID-19 variants have been emerging over the course of the pandemic; these include: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Delta is the newest, more transmissible variant and poses a great threat, especially to those unvaccinated. Scientists are closely monitoring …

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Jun 22 2021

CDC Recommends Tuberculosis Testing for Healthcare Personnel

The CDC recommends testing and screening healthcare personnel for tuberculosis (TB) upon hiring. Doing so aligns with TB Infection Control Plans or state regulations. Personnel included should be anyone working or volunteering in the healthcare setting. Annual tuberculosis education should …

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Jun 15 2021

Teen COVID-19 Hospital Cases Rise

COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations in U.S. Teens
In the months of March and April, the United States has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases among its teenage population. Many of these cases resulted in hospitalizations. Of the hospitalized …

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May 19 2021

COVID- 19 Vaccine Availability Expanded to Adolescents

The COVID- 19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise. As a result, it has created a great public health burden. In an effort to fight the disease, Pfizer-BioNTech is one of several pharmaceutical companies to create a COVID-19 …

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