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Jan 18 2019

Alliance Between OSHA and SMRP

OSHA has recently formed an alliance with the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP). Accordingly, their goal is to provide information and training to employees to prevent worker exposure to safety and health hazards.
OSHA and SMRP have set …

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Jan 16 2019

Amgen Lowers Drug Cost

By Julia Vann
Amgen has recently cut costs for their life saving cholesterol medication. The price has gone down by nearly a third of the original cost, dropping from $14,100 down to $5,850.
As a result, monthly payments for …

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Jan 14 2019

Opioid Addicts Civil Rights

Julia Vann
In October of last year, the Trump administration declared the opioid epidemic a national crisis. Just a few days ago, Trump added his signature to an executive order promising to crack down on the drug’s overuse …

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Jan 09 2019

Anthem Settlement Reached

By Julia Vann
After a major healthcare breach, Anthem has agreed to pay $16 million to OCR. Anthem is one of the second largest healthcare security firms in the U.S. It owns licenses for both Blue Cross and Blue …

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Jan 07 2019

Opioids Epidemic Continues

By Julia Vann
Opioid drugs are well known for two things. They provide pain relief, but they are also incredibly addictive. While addiction is a terrible crisis, it is also an opportunity for drug companies and doctors to exploit. …

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Jan 04 2019

Ransomware Affects Hernia Institute

By Julia Vann
In the last few decades, technology has become far more prevalent. With that, so has malevolent hacking, particularly ransomware. When ransomware attacks a computer, it typically encrypts the files on it. To decrypt them, the user …

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Jan 02 2019

Peanut Allergy Epidemic

By Julia Vann
Experts say that peanut allergies have almost become an epidemic among children. While peanuts have become the most dangerous allergy, food allergies in general have been on the rise.
According to CNBC, there are about two …

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Dec 27 2018

Aspirin Use in Seniors

by Julia Vann
A recent study suggests that the daily use of aspirin may adversely affect the health of older adults.
“The clinical trial, which ran from 2010 to 2014 and included 19,114 individuals 70 years and older from …

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