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OSHA and HIPAA laws, codes, and regulations are continually being added, updated, or changed. Maintaining and implementing proper compliance can be a confusing, time-consuming process even for veteran office administrators and physicians. However, it is essential to stay up to date on these regulations for all staff safety and to protect your facility in the event of an OSHA spot check or potential complaints from patients or employees.

Our healthcare Learning Management System (LMS) platform helps HR/Compliance officers manage all employees with annual training requirements, documentation, and certifications. Our LMS system will automatically remind employees when they need renewing and when new courses are available. Plus, we make it fun and interesting for the entire staff by earning badges and points with our achievement board. Every year the employees must complete their evaluation forms, and HR/management needs to evaluate their policies and procedures. We make it easy for employees to upload and sign all documentation electronically with our dynamic HR platform. Above all, our experience and depth of knowledge will prepare you and assist if a problem should arise. We help your practice stay compliant while maintaining the safest work environment possible.

OSHA Compliance

Employers are legally responsible for providing staff with access to relevant coursework and certifications. Understanding which OSHA standards apply to your workplace can be a challenge all on its own, especially in the medical field.

Medical Compliance

AMC simplifies this requirement and is a complete solution for Government mandated Infection Control, OSHA, HIPAA, FWA, Sexual Harassment, Violence in the Workplace and much more with our complete library of over 200+ courses.

HIPAA Compliance

Our visually appealing and interactive courses will engage users, maximizing their learning experience to its full potential. Accountability designed to maintain a smooth workflow and avoid potential fines and violations.

Dental Compliance

As an ADA Continued Education partner, we offer total compliance solutions from basic administration to State required training.

Infection Control

Infection control refers to policies and procedures used to minimize the potential risk of spreading infections in healthcare facilities. As a healthcare worker, you are at a much higher risk of exposure and potential infection.

Bloodborne Pathogen

Included as an OSHA training requirement, Bloodborne Pathogen Training includes to understanding how pathogens spread, avoiding exposure, and proper disposal procedures.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Even virtual medical employees are required to maintain compliance when working with patients on a regular basis. Training modules are perfect for these often remote employees.

Compliance Training By Industry

See how our solutions can help you thrive in your specific industry.  Select one of the options below to learn more!

Custom Training Opportunities

On-Demand Healthcare Courses | Your Platform. Our Expertise.

Have your own platform that you just want healthcare compliance content on-demand?  We work with numerous providers to help supplement their existing platforms with high quality, easy to use courses to maintain their high quality standards.

We can integrate with global platforms such as Office365 to provide a cohesive pathway for your teams to experience best-in-class training.


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