Infection Control Training for Healthcare Providers

Infection control refers to policies and procedures used to minimize the potential risk of spreading infections in healthcare facilities. As a healthcare worker, you are at a much higher risk of exposure and potential infection. Implementing the proper protocol and sterilization practices, and utilizing the correct personal protective equipment can help lessen the likelihood of contracting infections.

It is of utmost importance to train your staff on proper infection control practices to reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases. Infection control programs aim at preventable disease and infectious agent risk mitigation. Protect your staff, patients, and practice by signing up for your annual infection disease and blood-borne pathogen training.

Infection Control

Infection Control Compliance Training for HCP and DHCP

According to the CDC, Healthcare treating facilities need to adopt and update their Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD) plan to assure employees and patients are safe. Cal/OSHA’s ATD standard (section 5199) is a model plan that other states throughout the country are adopting to fight the spread of this outbreak.

AMC Infection Control Training course provides the latest interim guidance from the CDC, ATSDR, HHS and WHO.

AMC offers Infection Control training for Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Medical Clinics and Dental practices.

Workplace safety and health regulations require employers to protect workers exposed to airborne infectious diseases such as the coronavirus.

OSHA & CalOSHA have posted guidance to help employers comply with these safety requirements and to provide workers information on how to protect themselves.

AMC recommends that healthcare professionals undergo proper annual training to meet ATD requirements.

AMC provides a Total Compliance Solution (TCL) with our Healthcare and Dental Healthcare bundles.

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  • OSHA Training for Healthcare Providers
  • COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Providers
  • HIPAA Training for Healthcare Providers
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Cal/OSHA Requirements​

To protect workers and prevent exposure to the virus, employers must develop and maintain the required programs and plans for their facility or operation. Cal/OSHA recommends the interim guidance, educational materials and model programs and plans below be reviewed with an employer’s existing procedures to ensure that workers are protected. Cal/OSHA’s Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (ATD) standard (section 5199) requires protection for employees working at health care facilities, and other services and operations, including:
  • Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, medical offices, outpatient medical facilities, home health care, long-term health care facilities, hospices, medical outreach services, medical transport and emergency medical services
  • Certain laboratories, public health services and police services that are reasonably anticipated to expose employees to an aerosol transmissible disease.
  • Correctional facilities, homeless shelters, and drug treatment programs
  • Any other locations when Cal/OSHA informs employers in writing that they must comply with the ATD Standard

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