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medical-staffAmerican Medical Compliance

AMC is a leader in the healthcare industry for government-mandated OSHA and HIPAA compliance and HR solutions. Our mission is to streamline healthcare compliance, making it simple, effective, and affordable. We will help you improve safety practices, implement the proper infection control procedures, and ensure total compliance with all state and federal OSHA and HIPAA laws and regulations. We offer an extensive suite of HR products, training, and much more to round out our complete learning management platform. We take pride in our commitment to protect healthcare workers’ and patients’ safety while providing effective management tools.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to be a quick, user-friendly way to bring any facility into complete compliance. Experience our interactive LMS platform covering all OSHA, HIPAA, Human Resources, Health Plan management, Patient Safety & Regulations, and infection control. Please choose from our extensive library of over 222 training courses and products for customized reporting and employee management.

American Medical Compliance has been successful in building a strong client base in the medical community. Our user friendly platform, expertise and attention to detail are the driving force behind our success. Enroll today and experience the peace of mind that comes when you bring your office into complete compliance.


We used to physically show up at each office or hospital to handle compliance training. Having owned a pain clinic in Wyoming, I soon realized the need for online compliance training on a larger scale. With the creation of our Learning Management System (LMS), we are now able to help thousands of workers to be safe and compliant.”

“Our state of the art LMS platform paired with our extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry has allowed managers to operate their facilities better and ensure a safe work environment while avoiding violations and fines.”


Mark G. | CEO of American Medical Compliance

Growth and Expansion

Originally, American Medical Compliance provided yearly on-site medical compliance training to medical facilities to bring staff up to OSHA regulation standards. As our range of products, platforms, and partnerships expanded, we developed a comprehensive learning management system to provide a state of the art online experience to all of our clients. We offer an expansive range of compliance-related learning through our OSHA Healthcare platforms, necessary documentation, employee evaluations, and powerful reporting.

We’re not simply a technology company that provides online learning; our platform combines years of experience working with healthcare professionals with innovative online products to bring a unique compliance solution to the healthcare industry. Our extensive services and library of products and trainings ensure complete compliance specific to your particular environment. With the addition of our HR products, we help you achieve a safe, efficient, well-managed facility and insulate you from potential fines and violations.

If you’d like to learn more about how we might help your healthcare compliance needs, we invite you to reach out to us and see how we can help you today.

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