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OSHA Compliance made easy with the experts at American Medical Compliance!

Let’s face it, OSHA compliance can be complicated, tedious, and time consuming. Let American Medical Compliance (AMC) take the headache out of compliance. AMC has a long standing relationship with medical practices, clinics, and healthcare providers. Originally our company was an on-site medical compliance provider that equipped entire teams with training, materials, and guidance. Bringing that same expertise to a completely online approach provides a more affordable and convenient way to help providers around the United States provide training to their own staff in an easy to use online learning platform.

No more long, boring employee trainings! We offer quick and easy online trainings for your staff at their convenience.

Make learning simple yet intriguing!

American Medical Compliance Provides streamlined OSHA compliance services to keep your medical facility safe, compliant, and up-to-date while providing ongoing support. These services will include beneficial information that will allow you to follow the OSHA policies, procedures, and protocols directly.

We provide compliance services for a wide variety of healthcare providers

Online Training for Dental Offices
Online Training EMTs
Online Training for Medical Practices
Online Training for Surgery and Hospitals
Training Solutions for Long Term Care Providers
OSHA Manuals
Virtual Onsite Certification
and much more!

OSHA compliance is mandated by law. American Medical Compliance offers complete OSHA compliance services custom tailored to the individual needs of your facility and staff. Our goal is to protect your office from OSHA related issues and complaints while ensuring all staff are protected at all times in the safest work environment possible.

What sets American Medical Compliance apart is that we offer individually tailored high quality compliance services that ensure not only total compliance on every level, but also continuing support in case any issues arise. We are your full service medical compliance provider!

OSHA Compliance can be tricky primarily because of the frequent changes in legislation. We stay on top of ever-changing laws so you don’t have to. Regulations have been stepped up through oversight and education campaigns by public and private sectors for needlesticks and other sharps-related injuries. We work with you to fully understand and comply with Needlestick Safety and Prevention Acts that were passed in November of 2000.

We also work with our clients to become fully compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard which outlines what employers must do to protect workers who are occupationally exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). For example, part of the mandate is to strengthen requirements related to the use of safety-engineered sharp devices.

Complete Compliance and Peace of Mind

Our complete compliance package will help you maintain a safe work environment and avoid fines and litigation. You can also choose from our additional suite of LMS services and products to get all your bases covered.

And what if an OSHA related issue should arise? We’re here for you with ongoing customer support.

  • Reduce training Costs
  • Automated reporting system to track employees status and certifications
  • Increase staff knowledge and safety for patients and employees
  • Improve Information retention
  • 24/7 Online employee training platform
  • Rapidly train new employees to reduce accidents and conform to Federal & State regulations
  • Virtual office walkthroughs and labeling assistance
  • Choose from 47 HIPAA courses that are job/department specific
  • Industry specific OSHA & HIPAA policies, procedures and protocols designed for your office
  • Federal & State Site-specific OSHA manuals (digital or printed)
  • Learn proper sharps/needlestick protocol with follow-up paper work
  • Exposure control plan for bloodborne pathogens
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • Emergency procedures
  • Biomedical waste plan
  • Fraud Waste and Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Over 222 training modules and courses

Get Started Today

If you are currently looking for compliance solutions, are in the market for a more affordable solution or are worried your existing compliance solutions are not comprehensive enough to avoid penalties, we invite you to reach out to us today!

Our role is to ensure that you are meeting requirements and proactively assuming control of areas that need to be continually updated. This ultimately provides more revenue generating time back to the staff of the facility. American Medical Compliance also functions as a support system to answer questions as they arise. This leaves employees with a clear pathway to finding correct answers and maintaining safety.

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