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Make learning simple and painless!

Our visually appealing and interactive courses will engage users, maximizing their learning experience to its full potential. Additionally, our dynamic health insurance portability and accountability act courses will help maintain a smooth workflow and avoid potential fines and violations.

Want to know more? Below are sample courses we offer from our HIPAA Role-based Library of over 47 department-specific modules meeting Federal and local standards accordingly!


HIPAA Privacy and Security Overview

Our LMS platform provides an exceptional overview of privacy and security laws, as well as tips to protect you and your organization from costly breaches. This will also ensure that all employees in each department are trained and certified. Work with confidence with third-party business associates while adhering to health and human services privacy & security laws.

Learning Objectives with our courses:
1. Explain the meaning of the health insurance portability and accountability act and the responsibility of all employees
2. List the penalties imposed for non-compliance, as well as how to avoid them
3. Describe the main aspects of the law in regards to electronic transactions, privacy, and security
4. Detailed department-specific training plus training relevant to all employees

HIPAA files

HIPAA Hospital Medical Records Staff
Lessons, brief practice scenarios, as well as post-test assessment specific to Hospital Medical Records Staff


HIPAA Hospital Nurses
Lessons, brief practice scenarios, and post-test assessment specifically for Hospital Nurses


HIPAA Practice Front Office
Lessons, brief practice scenarios, and post-test assessment chiefly for Front Office Workers


HIPAA Practice Medical Technician
Lessons and brief practice scenarios specifically for Practice Medical Technicians


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