Learning Management

Simple and Effective

Our online learning platform provides an entirely new way for healthcare employees and first responders to become compliant. We have streamlined the process with over 222 training products in our library. This allows medical, hospital, urgent care, long-term care, EMT, and first responders to be more cost-effective while satisfying federal and state requirements.

Most learning management platforms only offer courses and certification. We provide the Federal and state annual evaluation forms electronically, as well as an annual review of policies and procedures, such as Sharps review, Disinfection and Decontamination, Personal Protective Equipment, and more. These documents are easily accessible on your dashboard.

American Medical Compliance combines a powerful online learning management system with sophisticated HR software to assist in managing your employees:

  • New Prospective Employee Applicant tracking
  • HR Reporting
  • Employee Self-Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Custom Work Flows & Reports
  • Time Off tracking
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Employee DataBase & Records
  • Performance Management Software and Goal Setting

We have an automated reporting system that will send you a weekly report, giving you a summary of all the employees’ statuses and certifications. This helps managers stay in control of all employees to assure that Federal and local laws are satisfied.

AMC Online Compliance Learning Management

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Online Learning Today!

Reduced Costs

You no longer need expensive classroom training or employee education reimbursement

Knowledgeable Staff

Increase the value of your entire staff by ensuring they are up to date on crucial procedures

Information Retention

By working on continued education reliably and consistently, employees retain more information over time

Rapid Deployment

For new employees or existing employees who need to take new courses, education is on-demand at your fingertips

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