Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Waste & Abuse (FWA) Training

Medicare and Medicaid Training Just Got Easier!

American Medical Compliance has built our model around making training easy and accessible. Getting certified is never fun, but our training makes it as quick, simple, and pain-free as possible. Certain healthcare professionals must have complete Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Compliance Program training to provide service and be approved to submit claims. Ignoring this training can lead to fines and penalties.

American Medical Compliance is proud to provide complete CMS required Fraud Waste & Abuse (FWA) Training on our easy-to-use platform that will have you and your team working towards complete compliance. You can also choose from additional training that addresses the specific needs of your practice and staff. The benefits of this include:

  • Avoiding Penalties & Fines
  • Better Trained Staff for Billing and Coding
  • Higher Patient & Employee Retention
  • Better Quality Service
  • Peace of Mind
Fraud Waste Abuse (FWA) Training

Want to know more? Below are the courses we offer for Patient Safety and Regulatory:

  • Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse for Health Plans
  • Attestation: CMS’ FWA and Compliance Training
  • Problems and Needs of Chronically Ill, Acutely Ill
  • Age-Specific Competencies and Patient Rights
  • Culturally Competent Care: An Overview
  • Reducing Violence and Suicide Risks in Mental Health
  • Strategies to Meet Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals
  • Patient Safety for Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Multidrug-resistant Pathogens & Preventing Infection
  • Understanding Latex Allergies in the Healthcare Workplace
  • Obstetrical Safety Issues and Preventing Infant Abduction
  • Essentials of HIV/AIDS for Healthcare Employees
  • Recognizing Abuse and Violence
  • Preventing Falls in Healthcare Settings
  • And much more

Patient Safety and Regulatory Requirements

Make learning simple and painless!

This training is required by law for organizations that classify as “First Tier,” “Downstream,” and “Related Entities” (also called FDRs) that have any part of a written arrangement with a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan sponsor that provides any administrative or healthcare-related services. In other words, if you are a component of any part of this process, you are required to manage your own auditing, training, and compliance with CMS standards as a participant.

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