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Healthcare Compliance Simplified

If you have experience working with OSHA, then you understand that failing to meet requirements can mean both huge penalties and loss of productivity from audits and inspections. Workers that are meeting compliance standards are also providing a much better customer experience as well, which lends towards customer rention and employee job satisfaction.

Ensure your teams are meeting OSHA, HIPAA and Infection Control Safety Standards without costly consultants disrupting your daily processes with our complete online solutions that allow your employees to work around their schedules.

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American Medical Compliance - Your Total Compliance Solution

AMC is the leader in OSHA compliance training and infection control in the healthcare industry. We provide an efficient, user-friendly online service to ensure your staff and your practice are compliant. OSHA compliance is federally mandated. Our comprehensive services are tailored to your individual office to ensure that your facility meets and maintains all standards and regulations required by law. Our services are extremely important to ensure a safe work environment and avoid fines and litigation.

Our state of the art online compliance center can easily be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need to certify 5 employees or 5,000 employees, our easy to use online platform is designed to satisfy both federal and state requirements.

Fast and Easy

In today's fast paced healthcare environment, speed is essential. Employees can get certified on a flexible schedule.

Budget Conscious

Online compliance offers a secure, affordable way to get certified with no consultants, no interruptions and less paperwork.

Complete Reporting

Know how your teams are doing with a complete reporting dashboard, including reminders, badges, automation and more.

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