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Failing to meet State & Federal regulations can mean both costly penalties and loss of productivity from audits and inspections. It’s  crucial to keep staff compliant for a safe work environment and a much better patient experience. Taking these important steps ensures patient retention and employee job satisfaction. 

Our complete library of courses offer a total compliance solution for OSHA, HIPAA, FWA, Sexual Harassment and infection control safety standards and much more. AMC offers an affordable online solution allowing employees to work around their schedules without disrupting your daily processes or using costly consultants.

AMC will also adapt to your current LMS or Payroll platform for a simple onboarding process that is convenient, user-friendly and cost effective.

AMC Online Compliance Learning Management

Enterprise Ready Training Modules

Flexible enterprise compliance training modules that are fully customizable and SCORM-compliant with all major payroll platforms.

Welcome to American Medical Compliance

American Medical Compliance (AMC) is a healthcare compliance leader specializing in Infection Control, OSHA, HIPAA, HR management, and soft skills solutions. Now is a crucial time to revisit your compliance platform to ensure your staff and patients’ safety. Our easily accessible, mobile friendly course library is current with the latest guidance from government agencies, including the CDC, OSHA, WHO and others.

Healthcare compliance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, complicated burden on staff. Enjoy our engaging, interactive modules with the latest learning management software in the industry. 

Avoid fines and litigation and create the safest possible work environment

Online Healthcare Compliance Solutions

Our commitment to providing best-in-class service has prompted us to develop several powerful tools to help you achieve compliance. This includes OSHA and HIPAA Compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen Protocols, HR products, and much more! Our web-based program is fast, easy, and secure. Click below to view online compliance training or our online OSHA compliance assessment.

Easy Reporting

See what your teams are doing and manage course progress, certificates, learning pathways and get real time metrics of how well your teams are completing required course materials.

Simple & Engaging

Engaging courses are broken into easy-to-complete modules that are perfect for modern busy healthcare providers. Easily finish courses during the day and start where you left off.

Course Management

Build effective compliance courses from OSHA to HIPAA with our complete online course manager to guide your teams to provide better service and avoid potential compliance pitfalls in the workplace.

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