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Category Archive: Compliance Plan

May 27 2020

Cosmetology Redo Reopen

In close contact
The cosmetology industry and its sub-sectors, like hairstyling, are in peril after establishments reopen across the country. As mentioned in a previous post, two Missouri stylists exposed over 140 clients and 7 coworkers with COVID-19 over …

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May 22 2020

Understaffed, Underpaid, Unappreciated

Throughout the Corona virus pandemic, essential workers across the U.S. held strikes protesting unsafe working conditions and subpar compensation. Such concerns are emerging from nearly every essential industry such as food services, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and healthcare. As the …

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Apr 22 2020

OSHA Excludes Essential Workers

In response to thousands of complaints, OSHA presented its approach to handling workplace safety on Monday, April 13. Accordingly, OSHA will be prioritizing healthcare employees amidst this COVID-19 crisis. The Department of Labor agency encountered swift retaliation when this …

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Apr 01 2020

COVID-19 and PPE

COVID-19 is infecting many people. More and more people are becoming infected everyday. Thus, this  is why it is important for doctors and nurses to have the proper equipment. Furthermore, another aspect missing is available testing. The situation is …

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Apr 01 2020

COVID-19 Workplace Compliance

Infectious disease response plans and compliance programs need to be reevaluated in workplaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers are expected to modify infection control methods using the appropriate guidance to prevent the exposure to their employees. Many workplaces are …

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Mar 24 2020

FDA policy changes regarding COVID-19

The FDA has laid out some new, temporary policy changes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These updated policies are part of their “good guidance practices.” These policies are especially important to implement quickly, as COVID-19 is spreading quickly. …

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Mar 20 2020

COVID-19 challenges U.S. hospitals

COVID-19 is a deadly disease, and it is testing the capacity of the U.S. healthcare system. Cases of COVID-19 have ramped up recently, forcing school and entertainment closures. But, how can your organization be more prepared?
Thus, as it …

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Feb 04 2020

Infection control plans & their importance

Infection control plans are important, especially now. Having an effective plan in the event of an emergency is of paramount importance.
Officials detained a cruise ship after fear the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus had spread. Thus, the escalation of the disease …

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Jan 11 2020

Manuals – Medical and Dental

American Medical Compliance Manuals

Are you looking to grow your knowledge on OSHA and HIPAA? If so, American Medical Compliance has all of your company’s needs in our OSHA Compliance Manuals. With each manual personalized to your specific state …

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Nov 07 2019

CDC Infections Progress Report

The Center for Disease Control released the 2018 National and State Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Progress Report. The report shows the occurrences of diseases in healthcare settings. The settings the CDC monitors are acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation …

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