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Category Archive: Dental

May 28 2020

Opensesame | Dental Healthcare Compliance

American Medical Compliance (AMC) and OpenSesame have teamed up to offer our comprehensive 2020 Dental Healthcare compliance training platform. OSHA requires that all Dental Healthcare Providers (DHCP) train their staff on an annual basis. AMC has made this requirement simple …

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Mar 20 2020

COVID-19 and Dental Care

As COVID-19 cases surpass 33,000 in the United States, health organizations across the country are encouraging facilities to take drastic precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus. On Monday March 16, 2020; the American Dental Association (ADA) issued …

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Sep 23 2019

Dental Tourism

According to the Congress Report, there are more than 40% Americans without dental insurance. The cost of dental care to many Americans is outrageous. Unfortunately, this leads to international dental tourism as a final solution. Many patients end up traveling …

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Apr 17 2019

Complete Compliance for Your Business

What are some things you can do to make sure your medical or dental practice is in complete compliance? One of the first steps to help you become completely compliant is to make a plan. Your compliance plan should …

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Mar 28 2019

OSHA and HIPAA Regulations

OSHA and HIPAA regulations were created for the safety of both patients and the staff. This includes the physical well being and private information of every employee as well as staff members. The compliance rules are set in place …

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Apr 29 2013

Screening, Dental Devices

Dental Device Screening and Evaluation Forms

In collaboration with the American Dental Association and the Training for Development of Innovative Control Technologies Project (a collaboration based at San Francisco General Hospital of frontline healthcare workers, product designers, and industrial …

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Apr 26 2013

Occupational Exposure and Dentistry

Occupational Infection Control in Dental Settings
What constitutes an occupational exposure in dentistry?
An exposure is defined as a percutaneous injury (e.g., needlestick or cut with a sharp object) or mucous membrane/nonintact skin contact with blood, saliva, tissue, or other …

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Apr 22 2013

Marana Dentist Disease Exposure

Marana Dentist – Potential Disease Exposure

Former patients of a now-defunct dental clinic in Marana, Arizona have may have been exposed to blood-borne diseases. Unfortunately, these may include HIV or hepatitis B or C. Additionally, improperly installed equipment can put …

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Apr 22 2013

Rogue Dentist, Poor Sterilization

Rogue Dentist May Have Exposed 7,000 Patients
The Tulsa Health Department is warning 7,000 patients of a local dentist’s office that they could have contracted HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C from poor sterilization practices. This rogue dentist may be in …

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