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Apr 10 2019

OSHA Regulations You May Have Forgotten About

Three OSHA Regulations that are Commonly Forgotten About
OSHA rules and regulations are important when it comes to being compliant in your medical office with state mandated laws. Being complaint helps with the reduction of fines that will build up due to …

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Apr 03 2019

How Your Company Can Be Compliant

The main purpose of being or becoming compliant in healthcare is to improve the care of patients. Healthcare compliance that is effective can lessen the chances of fines when it comes to workplace injuries.
The government requires all healthcare …

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Apr 01 2019

HIPAA Enforcement for 2019

With this last business year coming to an end, so does the calculations of HIPAA violations and fines. Around $28,683,400 fines concluded the past business year. This beats last year by 22. HIPAA enforcement for this coming year will …

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Mar 18 2019

Dangers in Ultra Processed Foods

A recent study has discovered that ultra processed foods can increase your risks of mortality. This may not be new information to you, but the vast amount of research about this topic that has surfaced had struck news. Ultra …

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Mar 12 2019

Debunking Vaccines That Cause Autism

Dr. Andrew Wakefields has conducted a study that recently went viral about vaccines. The study had been published in the British Medical Journal and was trying to link Autism with certain vaccines that caused major panic from parents all …

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Mar 07 2019

Health and Safety Within Your Business


OSHA is an law that passed to protect American personnel from hazardous working conditions while following safety guidelines for businesses. Creation of policies and procedures help to ensure the safety of employees and take preventative measures. It is …

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Feb 19 2019

New Wound healing Method

As our knowledge increases on the human body, why should we still be waiting around for our wounds to heal? There are already materials being used in the industry to treat burns and sores, in addition to implants being …

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Feb 14 2019

New Cancer Detecting Technology

New cancer detecting technology can help decrease cancer deaths throughout the years. Whiteman states that cancer deaths are increasing and by the year 2030 they will increase by one fourth percent. Growing from 8 million to around 13 million. …

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Feb 10 2019

Beryllium Standards Updated

OSHA has recently updated their standards regarding beryllium. The substance is often used in aerospace, electronics, energy, telecommunication, medical, and defense industries. While the metal is important, it is also highly toxic and dangerous for workers to inhale. It causes …

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Jan 18 2019

Alliance Between OSHA and SMRP

OSHA has recently formed an alliance with the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP). Accordingly, their goal is to provide information and training to employees to prevent worker exposure to safety and health hazards.
OSHA and SMRP have set …

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