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Jan 11 2020

Manuals – Medical and Dental

American Medical Compliance Manuals

Are you looking to grow your knowledge on OSHA and HIPAA? If so, American Medical Compliance has all of your company’s needs in our OSHA Compliance Manuals. With each manual personalized to your specific state …

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Oct 21 2019

New Training Offered by CDC

The Center for Disease Control is offering new Infection Control Training. The program will feature the best ways to prevent infection in hospitals and other healthcare settings. It also has courses dedicated to outreach for families so that more people …

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Nov 16 2018

Clinical Information Electronic Exchange

Clinical Information exchange remains a crucial aspect in healthcare data management. According to a study, nearly 6 in 10 hospitals exchanged electronic information with other providers in 2012. In addition, policies such as the Health Information Technology for Economic …

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Sep 20 2018

Safety Data Sheets

By Julia Vann
One of the most important things in modern day healthcare is to avoid contamination and hazards. There is going to be a lot of hazardous material to face, but so long as everything is labeled properly …

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Sep 05 2018

Information Security Policies

Security policies help employers understand their company’s policies and security measures. According to InfoGuard Cyber Security, a solid information security strategy can help safeguard health information.  In addition, a well-developed information security system can asses how data is …

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Aug 06 2018

Blood Pathogens and Exposure Control Plan


Author: Ernesto Fierro
Exposure to blood pathogens has become a common familiarity in healthcare settings. For example, according to the CDC, an estimated 5.6 million healthcare workers are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Specifically, these …

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Aug 01 2018

Healthcare Violence, Course Highlight

Less than a month ago, a shooting occurred at the Capital Gazette newspaper chain without any notice. Consider working in a Northern United States Office, which is relatively low risk. Also, consider the healthcare field where workplace violence is …

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Jul 30 2018

Organ Transplants and the Donation System

Understanding Organ Transplants and the Donation System
By Alexa Treubert

Organ transplants are a concept that nearly everyone has heard of, but many do not know the medical, legal, and ethical situations and issues that can arise from …

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