Mastering Teamwork and Communication in Healthcare Settings


Teamwork is the foundation of a healthcare system that runs smoothly and provides the best possible care for its patients. Additionally, providing safe care relies highly on a team of trained medical professionals. This team includes employees with diverse roles and responsibilities who collaborate with the best interests of the patient in mind. Inadequate teamwork can result in clinical adverse events because of communication hurdles between hierarchies, a failure to recognize human fallibility, and a lack of situational awareness.

What you will learn:

  • Effective communication techniques for healthcare providers
  • Strategies for contributing to a collaborative and supportive team environment
  • Effective handoff communication strategies
  • Methods for evaluating team performance and communication effectiveness


Course length: 30 minutes.

Languages: American English

Key features: Audio narration, learning activity, and post-assessment.

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History of Poor Teamwork in Healthcare

It is well known that the aviation industry has long recognized that, for safety reasons, crew members need to receive specific training in collaboration in addition to technical training. Unfortunately, many studies have shown that collaboration in medicine is insufficient. In an important investigation comparing operating room staff with flight crew perceptions of collaboration, attending surgeons were found to be much less likely than pilots to recognize exhaustion or accept ideas from other staff members. As the need of collaboration becomes more widely acknowledged, teamwork training concepts—which were first created in the aviation industry—are being applied to a range of healthcare environments. Healthcare programs don’t have a single, set curriculum for teamwork training, but they always emphasize a few important ideas.

Purpose of Teamwork Trainings

Various other fields require their employees to participate in team-building exercises throughout the year in order to foster a collaborative environment. The goal of this training course is to help healthcare providers to further understand the importance of working in a team. By teaching each team member the proper way to react in urgent situations, teamwork training aims to reduce the possibility of mistakes. The goal of this training is to foster a climate where all employees feel comfortable raising concerns when they notice them. Additionally, this training will help team members improve their communication skills and cohesiveness. Team members are trained in cross-checking each other’s work, offering assistance when needed, and handling errors without passing judgment. Providing comments and conducting a debriefing are crucial aspects of teamwork training, particularly following significant accidents. The course further highlights the components of why it is important to collaborate with your coworkers in healthcare settings.

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