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Are You Confident In Your Compliance Status?

As oversight from the government continues to expand, medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers find it more difficult to maintain compliance with various required training needs. OSHA fines can start at over $4,000 for a single offense and move upward dramatically beyond that.

American Medical Compliance has been working in medical office compliance for over 20 years and has developed with new technologies to deliver solutions that make sense for medical personnel. Our role is to work closely with you to determine what areas are not in compliance and work together to ensure that you are not vulnerable for violations during an audit or inspection.

Simple, fast, affordable

Benefits of using our platform:

  • Reduce training Costs
  • Automated reporting system to track employees status and certifications
  • Increase staff knowledge and safety for patients and employees
  • Improve Information retention
  • 24/7 Online employee training platform
  • Rapidly train new employees to reduce accidents and conform to Federal & State regulations
  • Virtual office walkthroughs and labeling assistance
  • Choose from 47 HIPAA courses that are job/department specific
  • Industry specific OSHA & HIPAA policies, procedures and protocols designed for your office
  • Federal & State Site-specific OSHA manuals (digital or printed)
  • Learn proper sharps/needlestick protocol with follow-up paper work
  • Exposure control plan for bloodborne pathogens
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • Emergency procedures
  • Biomedical waste plan
  • Fraud Waste and Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Over 222 training modules and courses


OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Solutions with your employees in mind

We’ve come from a strong background in working closely with clinics and hospitals towards complete compliance. Those meetings that you used to gather all the nurses to in order to certify that you covered the material? That was us 20 years ago. Technology has changed the game and we’re here to offer the next evolution in compliance services!

See for yourself – start exploring our services and you can request one of the following:

FREE Online Course

Our LMS (Learning Management System) platform is designed to make the headache of OSHA and HIPAA compliance a breeze. Employees get their own logins and can complete material on their own terms. Managers are notified when material is covered, and we work closely with you ensure your staff is on the ball!

FREE Compliance Manual

Having an OSHA compliance manual on hand is not only handy, but it’s actually part of your complete compliance requirements. While we offer a full color manual that can be available throughout your facility, you can get one of our digital download versions absolutely free just to make sure you’re not missing any crucial compliance requirements.

We’ve been around the block and we know how to help your organization get compliant and avoid any potential fines. By merging our long-term experience with cutting edge learning solutions, you can rest assured your organization is prepared for anything.

Start Today!

Learn how we can help you reach a level of compliance that protects you and provides an exceptional experience for your patients today.

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Or reach out to our professional team and let us know if you’d like a free course or a free compliance manual. We’re not here to hard sell anyone because and we’re interested in showing you how affordable and easy getting totally compliant can actually be.

Healthcare Compliance Made Simple

If you have experience working with OSHA, then you understand that failing to meet requirements can mean both huge penalties and loss of productivity from audits and inspections. Ensure that your office has met all of the requirements without costly consultants disrupting your daily process with online solutions that allow your employees to work around their schedule.

Healthcare Compliance
Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Specialized by Industry
Office Manuals
Virtual Site Inspection
Powerful Reporting
Self Managed Learning

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