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May 22 2019

New 3D-Printed Human Heart

As of Monday, April 15, 2019, there is a new medical advancement from the Israeli medical team. The worlds first human heart was made in a lab from a patients own cells, blood vessels, ventricles, and chambers. There has …

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May 16 2019

Ketamine Can Help Decrease Depression

Ketamine is known to many as an anesthetic for humans, but it is also commonly used in veterinarian science. Ketamine is an odorless and tasteless drug. It can cause amnesia when used on humans or animals. It can also …

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May 14 2019

OSHA Deadline Approaching

The deadline to complete your 2019 electronic reporting OSHA form is fast approaching. The forms that you should submit include forms 300 and 301. These are logs that have to do with work-related injuries and illnesses. Obtaining records is …

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May 10 2019

Can Supplements be Harmful?

Can supplements be harmful to the body? Nutrients, vitamins and nutrient-rich foods are all necessary for the body to remain healthy. Recent studies have determined that supplements for certain nutrients might not have the best effect on the body. …

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May 08 2019

Sunscreen Linked to Blood Vessel Health

With summer just around the corner, it is important to stay protected from the harmful ultraviolet radiation the sun can produce. Sunscreen does not only, help protect against sunburns but also, reduces your chances of skin cancer. A recent …

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May 06 2019

Measles is Making a Comeback

The measles vaccine was introduced to the United States nearly 50 years ago. About 30 years later the vaccine had successfully eliminated the disease. Since then, it has made a comeback as 450 cases of the measles have been …

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May 01 2019

Growth Hormone Might Affect Weight Loss

Researchers from Sao Paulo Brazil have discovered new characteristics of the growth hormone.  The growth hormone is what helps our bones and bodies grow. Jose Donato Junior and his team were the ones to discover the findings for the growth …

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Apr 29 2019

FDA is Questioning the Ingredients used in Sunscreen

Science is always making new advancements and with that, it is important to check up on the sunscreen we have been using recently.  The FDA is questioning the active ingredients in sunscreen. There is now more knowledge on what …

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