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Category Archive: CDC

Mar 29 2020

New Trials for COVID-19 Vaccine

New Trials for a COVID-19 Vaccine are starting. In Seattle, Washington; the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute or ((KPWHRI) just entered phase one in its progress to devise a vaccine.
This study evaluates 45 healthy adults who are …

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Feb 10 2020

HIPAA compliance and coronavirus

HIPAA compliance and patient records go hand in hand. The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a press release about the importance of patient confidentiality. This is due to the fact that 2019-nCoV has broken out in …

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Jan 29 2020

Effective Infection Control Plan

With the recent escalation of the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus from the World Health Organization (WHO) which declared the new virus outbreak a “Public Health Emergency of International concern” now is the time to implement or revise your Infection Control Plan.

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Jan 27 2020

Infection control plans

Infection control plans are very important, especially now. Coronavirus has escalated worldwide. Consequently, 2,000 people have the infection. The disease is rapidly spreading. What does this mean for your organization? This is where American Medical Compliance can help.
Firstly, …

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Jan 20 2020

Coronavirus: what is it?

Coronavirus has broken out in China. Thus, it has been in global headlines as of recently. But, what exactly is it? It is mostly found in animals and rarely is seen in humans. Now, humans are catching the disease. …

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Jan 18 2020

E-cigarettes and their dangers

E-cigarettes are still making national headlines. The Center for Disease Control has done further research into the matter. While they are still unsure of what is causing all the deaths, they have a clearer idea now. The CDC has …

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Jan 16 2020

New flu vaccine being developed

Flu season this year was especially rough. It came early and hit hard – three children died from the flu in December, according to WebMd. There is a new vaccine being tested on mice. Thus, it could potentially act …

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Jan 13 2020

Measles still a global health threat

Measles has a vaccine, however, it is still one of the most dangerous health threats in the world. Cases of measles are actually going up globally. In 2018, around 140,000 people died because of it, according to the World …

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Jan 10 2020

Listeria outbreak in America

Listeria is impacting many people this New Year. Almark Foods produces hard boiled eggs. These eggs are the cause of the outbreak. As a result, the company has recalled its products linked to the disease. As a result, one …

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Jan 08 2020

Supplements and liver failure

Many popular supplements cause liver failure. A popular dietary supplement called OxyELITE Pro (OEP) is responsible for many cases. Thus, the Center for Disease Control investigated the link between liver damage and dietary supplements. Consequently, drugs like OEP are …

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