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Category Archive: New Regulations

Mar 24 2020

FDA policy changes regarding COVID-19

The FDA has laid out some new, temporary policy changes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These updated policies are part of their “good guidance practices.” These policies are especially important to implement quickly, as COVID-19 is spreading quickly. …

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Aug 08 2019

Medicare Requirements

If your medical office accepts Medicare or Medicaid, you must follow FDR rules and regulations in order to remain in complete compliance. The FDR has requirements that practices must follow in order to avoid fines. FDR requires medical offices that …

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Apr 29 2019

FDA is Questioning the Ingredients used in Sunscreen

Science is always making new advancements and with that, it is important to check up on the sunscreen we have been using recently.  The FDA is questioning the active ingredients in sunscreen. There is now more knowledge on what …

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Mar 25 2019

Hazard Communication Standard Rule

Hazard communication standard final rule modifications. This rule will help around 43 million employees prevent injuries in the workplace and illnesses for those who work with or produce hazardous chemicals. One of the benefits of this new rule …

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Feb 21 2019

New OSHA Silica Rule

OSHA has stated new rules on the use of silica because of the risk connected with exposure. Silica dust is found in many materials commonly used in construction, it is now being labeled as a health hazard. There are …

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Feb 10 2019

Beryllium Standards Updated

OSHA has recently updated their standards regarding beryllium. The substance is often used in aerospace, electronics, energy, telecommunication, medical, and defense industries. While the metal is important, it is also highly toxic and dangerous for workers to inhale. It causes …

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Jul 31 2018

Cal/OSHA Looks to Healthcare for New Workplace Violence Rule

Written By David Johnson
California is looking to healthcare legislation for OSHA-mandated prevention of workplace violence. In November of 2018, California will host a summit to discuss risk reduction for California employers and safety professionals through the Cal/OSHA division. …

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Jul 10 2018

May 2018 Data Breach Report Issued

May 2018 Data Breach Report
Written by Alexa Treubert

The Numbers
With MD Anderson being slapped with a massive $4.3 million dollar fine for violating the HIPAA Privacy Rule, the healthcare and IT communities were eagerly …

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