Presentation Preparation Training for Healthcare Providers

Presentation Preparation Training for Healthcare Providers is designed to educate healthcare providers (HCP) on how to plan, develop, write, and deliver an effective presentation.

Presenting is often very nerve-racking and strenuous for many people. Properly preparing is a great way for employees and employers to feel ready and able to deliver outstanding presentations, as well as conquer any nerves they may have. An effective presentation is one that matches the message to the audience, matches the content and delivery to the purpose, and is delivered in a clear and engaging manner.

What You Will Learn

  • How to improve your oral presentation skills
  • How to conduct effective oral presentations
  • How to identify and reduce any anxieties surrounding public speaking and presenting
  • How to effectively deliver the presentation message
  • How to meet the needs of the target audience


Course length: 30 minutes; CEU: 0.5

Languages: American English

Key features: Audio narration, learning activity, and post-assessment

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