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Infection control refers to policies and procedures used to minimize the potential risk of spreading infections in healthcare facilities. As a healthcare worker, you are at a much higher risk of exposure and potential infection. Implementing the proper protocol and sterilization practices, and utilizing the correct personal protective equipment can help lessen the likelihood of contracting infections.

Due to constant changes in our lifestyles and environment, new diseases are continually appearing creating an urgency for protection from the threat of infectious diseases. In the past 30 years, many new contagious diseases have emerged such as AIDS, Ebola, and Hantavirus. Increased travel between continents makes the worldwide spread of disease a bigger concern than it once was. Additionally, many common infectious diseases have become resistant to known treatments.

It is of utmost importance to train your staff on proper infection control practices to reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases. Infection control programs aim at preventable disease and infectious agent risk mitigation. Protect your staff, patients, and practice by signing up for your annual infection disease and blood-borne pathogen training.

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