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Category Archive: Infection Control

Oct 21 2019

New Training Offered by CDC

The Center for Disease Control is offering new Infection Control Training. The program will feature the best ways to prevent infection in hospitals and other healthcare settings. It also has courses dedicated to outreach for families so that more people …

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Sep 21 2019

Malaria vaccine is being tested

A new malaria vaccine may be the answer to high mortality rates in Africa. Three countries have rolled out the vaccine, and they are testing the only licensed version in the world. The World Health Organization approved Ghana, Malawi, …

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Sep 16 2019

C. auris spreads in nursing homes

Infectious diseases are spreading rampantly throughout nursing homes. The main disease in question, Candida auris, is resistant to many antibiotics and has a high mortality rate. According to The New York Times, half of all patients who contract C. …

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Sep 13 2019

Hepatitis B Virus

Hepatitis B virus is a major healthcare problem all around the world. Hepatitis B virus, also known as HBV, infects and inflames the liver causing hepatitis B. This virus can be self-resolving overtime or it can become chronic and lead …

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Sep 11 2019

The Opioid Crisis is Global Now

Opioids are sedative drugs which ease the pain just like morphine does. Opioids make their users feel euphoria which is much sought after by drug users. Unfortunately, the United States has witnessed the opioid crisis for at least four times …

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May 06 2019

Measles is Making a Comeback

The measles vaccine was introduced to the United States nearly 50 years ago. About 30 years later the vaccine had successfully eliminated the disease. Since then, it has made a comeback as 450 cases of the measles have been …

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Mar 21 2019

Universal Vaccine Breakthrough

A new vaccine breakthrough has been discovered. There is a new type of immune cell that can protect you from different types of influenza. Soon, we will not have to update our flu shots every year. This includes influenza  …

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Mar 12 2019

Debunking Vaccines That Cause Autism

Dr. Andrew Wakefields has conducted a study that recently went viral about vaccines. The study had been published in the British Medical Journal and was trying to link Autism with certain vaccines that caused major panic from parents all …

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Feb 25 2019

Sequencing Technology to Detect Viruses

In order to quickly spot viruses in plants, there is a new technology hitting the market. CIRAD, the French Agricultural Centre for International Development, has created the Oxford Nanopore MinION. The MinION uses a sequencing approach to see different …

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Feb 14 2019

New Cancer Detecting Technology

New cancer detecting technology can help decrease cancer deaths throughout the years. Whiteman states that cancer deaths are increasing and by the year 2030 they will increase by one fourth percent. Growing from 8 million to around 13 million. …

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